Torch GalleryVault : Hide Photo,video b

By | June 4, 2020

Torch GalleryVault Hello friends, today I will tell you about an application. Anu is a right application. The name of the application is flashlight. With the help of this flashlight, you can save your photo, hide it, you can hide your videos. You know, every person who knows how to open a lock in today’s times, he says to you that man.

I have not seen your things, you have to see a photo of me, but I will tell you such an application today, it will obviously be a flashlight but it is a locker That is, all your data will be locked in it and no one will know that it is a locker i.e. if it is a violet then hopefully you will like the application very much, then I will tell you its features.

Features OF Torch GalleryVault

So friends, the first thing that is its feature is that it is a completely free application, you can use it for free, there are many such applications in the play store that you have to pay money, but this application is absolutely free, friends, which is its feature. That is, from that application, you can have your data from here and the application is there, no one will be able to open it, no one will be able to see your data and you can also do this application,

anyway it is a Hyde application when someone opens it If you do, then you will feel that this is a flashlight, friends, this is the third feature, it can use in a very simple application, if you want to use, you can use it, because every person can use it easily, children old and young people can use it. So it is that the ads do not come in it, just have seen such applications that the ads go to them again and again to bother you, but this application does not come at all.


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