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By | June 1, 2020

Deleted Photo Recovery An application to recover deleted photos from your phone storage or from external storage, and restore them to your gallery.
If you come to a situation where you just deleted all of your images by mistake, and tried a lot of apps to recover them without any result, then you are at the right place. This app will solve this problem for you. It will scan all your phone storage looking for deleted photos and list them in an easy manner that will help you to restore them back to your phone storage.


After installing and opening the application, it will start scanning your phone directories and sub directories looking for deleted or erased pictures and add them to its list. This operation can consume time depending on your storage size and your phone’s performance. Just after that a new interface with deleted photos previews will show up, all photo are divided by folders.

You can choose each one separately and start looking inside it and restore your images from there. To avoid confusion this is not recycle bin, it can restore even if they are deleted before installing it. And also it can show some non-deleted images from you gallery

.FEATURES  of Deleted Photo Recovery

1 – Scan both all storage including SD Card.
2 – Nice UI Design.
3 – Fast, Performance,
4 – No ROOT.
5 – Support all types: jpg,jpeg,png.

Users Reviews about Deleted Photo Recovery

  1. I understand that it’s the ads that mean I am not paying around $300 for this app. That is why I am not just one more person complaining. At least it found quite a lot of old photos, and for this valuable service I only had to click some ads out of the way. There is always the chance that an ad might actually interest me.
  2. Love this app. It give you managable size groups, of photos which are clearly large enough to see exactly what you’re restoring, unlike all the other apps I’ve used where the pictures are very small and difficult to see. Restored so many lost pics for me.
  3. This is easy to use with a fast recovery. No root required. I don’t have to select one item at a time if I choose not to. I can select entire section I need to recover and I get a message in seconds where to locate images. Well done. Ads are annoying but if you are tech savvy, it is intuitive on how to avoid them and stick to the recovery process. Highly recco!
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