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By | June 2, 2020
All Phone Info Assalam Walekum Friends, today I will tell you about an application, with the help of this application you can check the information of your mobile, what is the issue in your mobile, how much CPU is left and how much RAM and whether your mobile is slow or fast If this application will tell you all the things, then I liked this application very much, I hope that you will like this application very much, friends.

It has many features in which it is absolutely free application and does not heat the mobile application at all. The message is not even there, it is just a free application and as you know there are many such applications in the play store that go from using, but this application does not have any applications and you can also check the battery information.
The battery is left in the mobile and how is the battery and it does not even spend the battery. The application is absolutely a short application, so I will install and use this application, I have also installed this application and am using absolutely me Very live I liked it a lot.
All Phone Infos allows you to know your device in detail. You can find information about your device’s hardware and software including:

More About All Phone Info

– Preloaded Android Version- Treble support
– Seamless Updates support
– Display Details: Resolution, Size, Aspect Ratio and more
– Identifiers
– CPU, RAM and more
– Camera Details
– Network Details
– And many more

This detail specifications includes information of CPU, RAM, Supported features, Manufacturer, Storage, OS, Data Network, WiFi, SIM, Camera, Bluetooth, Sensors, Core, Partition, Battery, Display, Installed Apps, System Apps. Now detection is supported for lcd, touchscreen, cameras, sensors, memory, flash, audio, nfc, charger, wi-fi and battery if that possible for your device.

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